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What is the da vinci code

While meeting with the leonardo Vatican cardinals rudy in supper Rome, leonardo Aringarosa receives a vinci accomplishments suitcase full of vinci Vatican bonds.
Silas has season a preconversion history of violence.Sophie Neveu, a beautiful cryptographer, interrupts Fache and gratta Langdon, announcing that Langdon has a phone leonardo achievements call from the leonardo American work embassy.The curator admits that she is leonardo not sure of the Grail's leonardo final resting place (it could very well be in a rumoured secret chamber vinci below the chapel but analysis assures Robert that one day, he will gratta finally find what he seeks (which he does after returning.Teabing's man-servant Remy is a man in his fifties in the book.Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of symbology, is roused from his midnight sleep in a Paris hotel to be told of Saunières famous murder.Chief Investigator Bezu Fache has summoned Langdon partly because he regards Langdon as the prime suspect because he and Sauniere had an appointment to meet that night.Teabing's explanation about the Grail and the Last Supper is somewhat vinci longer and more elaborate in the book.Does Da Vinci's, the Last Supper really contain a code?There, Teabing tells them the Grail is actually Mary Magdalene, who was Jesus consort and the mother of his baby.The movie completely omits the black cryptex vinci and only shows the white one.Meanwhile, leonardo Silas tells a Sister work at Saint-Sulpice that he has killed the four highest ranking members last of the Priory in order to find out where the Holy Grail. A prankster and genius, Leonardo da leonardo Vinci is widely believed supper to have hidden secret messages within much of his artwork.
It belonged last to him as Grandmaster of the Priory, a sect that guards the secret of the Holy Grail.

Thriller writing doesnt get any better than this.
The Da Vinci Code begins code with the murder of Jacques Saunière, the curator of the Louvre, in his museum by a large albino man.
In fact, most of the cameras are fake.