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Vincent van gogh biography

Short Biography Vincent Van Gogh, he was born in Groot-Zundert, a small town in Holland in March 1853.
Gauguin fled back to Paris, and gogh Van Gogh interview later cut off the watch lower movies part of his ear with the blade.
Most of his subjects were taken from peasant life.
Van Gogh vinci set to work with an iron will, depicting the life of the villagers and died humble workers.In Nuenen, Van Gogh first began painting regularly, modeling himself chiefly leonardo on the French painter Jean-Francois Millet ( vinci who was famous throughout Europe for his scenes of the harsh life of peasants.What am I death in the eyes of most people a nonentity, an eccentric, or an unpleasant person somebody who has no position in society and will never gogh have; in short, the lowest vincent of the low.Van Gogh is now viewed as one of the most influential artists having helped lay vaughn the foundations of modern art.He found the lessons rather tedious, but was greatly impressed by the city and its museums.His evolution from an inept but impassioned vinci novice into a truly original master was remarkably rapid.The idea seemed to get off to a promising start when Gauguin arrived in October 1888.Then I go out and paint the stars.Van Gogh received a fragmentary education: leonardo one year at the village school vinci in Zundert, two years at a boarding school in Zevenbergen, and eighteen months at a high vince school in Tilburg.Vincent Van Gogh 18531890.In that online year van Gogh went to Antwerp where he discovered the works of Rubens and purchased many.Instead, he immersed interview himself in religion, threw out his modern, worldly book, and became "daffy with piety in the words vinci of his sister Elisabeth.Van Goghs intensity and mental imbalance made him difficult to live with.Although he had some difficulty leonardo finding models, he did make portraits, among which were those of the Roulin family.Unable to successfully copy the style, he developed his own more bold and unconventional style.Toward the end of the year, however, from his optimism was rudely shattered by the first signs of his illness, a type of epilepsy that took the form of delusions and psychotic attacks.That's leonardo it as far as I'm concerned - I feel that this is the destiny vinci that I accept, that will never change.At the end of 1881 he moved to The Hague, and there, too, he concentrated mainly on drawing. Van Gogh abandoned the lessons, and after brief training as an evangelist went to the Borinage coal-mining region in the south of Belgium.
It was becaus of Theo's loyal support that Van Gogh later came to regard his oeuvre as the fruits of his brother's efforts on his behalf.