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Leonardo da vinci history in urdu

Da Vincis vinci Study of invent Anatomy and Science Leonardo da Vinci scene vinci thought sight was humankinds most important sense code and eyes the full most important organ, code and he stressed the vinci importance of saper vedere, or knowing how to code see.
Gifted with a curious mind and a brilliant intellect, da Vinci studied the laws of science and nature, which greatly informed his photography work.
He utilized his logical skills in invent a wide range of subjects like, aeronautics, anatomy, botany, geology, civil vinci engineering, chemistry, school biology, cartography, vinci geometry, hydrodynamics, mathematics, mechanical engineering, optics, zoology, leonardo physics and pyrotechnics.
He believed in the accumulation of direct knowledge and facts through observation.However, Christie's had launched what one dealer called a "brilliant marketing campaign movie which promoted the work as "the holy grail of our business" and "the last da Vinci." Prior to leonardo the sale, it was the only known painting by the old master still in a private collection.1473: Landscape painting of 'Feast of Santa Maria delle Neve' 1477: Painted the 'Annunciation to the Virgin' 1478: Begins his work on 'Two Virgin Marys' and 'Ginevra de Benci' 1481: Sketched the draft of 'The vinci Adoration of the Magi' (unfinished) 1482.He believed studying science made him a better artist.Using his inventive mind, da Vinci sketched war machines such as a war chariot with scythe blades mounted on the sides, an vinci armored tank propelled by two men cranking a shaft and even an enormous crossbow that required a small army of men to operate.Leonardo da Vinci Inventions: The Complete List.The Mona Lisa was bequeathed to Salai.Who Was Leonardo da Vinci?Final Years Leonardo returned to Milan in 1506 to work for download the very French rulers who had overtaken online the city seven years earlier and forced him to flee." Some of his famous works of human anatomy contained school in his book, 'Treatise of Painting' are vinci shown in the tables.Several other famous Florentine artists were also leonardo known to have been homosexual, including.His drawings of a fetus urdu in utero, the heart and vascular system, sex organs final and other bone and muscular structures are some of the first on human record. After French forces overran Milan in 1499 and shot the clay model to pieces da Vinci fled the city along with the duke and the Sforza family.
In the field of botany, Leonardo da Vinci studied many plants and crops, and sketched the floral code parts accurately.
From his experience, Vinci said, ".

Probably because of his abundance of diverse interests, da Vinci failed to complete a significant number of his paintings and projects.
Giuliano de Medici, brother of newly installed Pope Leo X and son of his former patron, urdu gave da Vinci a monthly stipend along with a suite of rooms at his residence inside the Vatican.