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Candice michelle and vince mcmahon backstage

'Cause he's Vince telefoni McMahon, dammit!
Mid-match notes: Dykstra pulls Carlito down to offerte the mat by the hair and he gets a near fall.Bullying a Dragon : He can make many cower before the control he has over the company, but all senza too often he'll overestimate just how much abuse his offerte wrestlers will endure to keep their jobs over kicking his ass.This was implied to be telefonica a scheme by Linda to get back at Vince for his philandering.Byronic Hero : Obsessed, driven, capable of adsl being incredibly vicious and incredibly benign at different times, willing to personally take incredible physical risks despite his wealth and advanced age, micromanaging, completely backstage uncaring of what anyone thinks telefoni of him, and building himself up from telefonia almost offerte nothing.Someone pitched an idea for Big Show to eat a spiked burrito and fall asleep, tranquilized; in response, McMahon boomed, "Burrito?!Faux Affably Evil : After his initial FaceHeel Turn following the Montreal Screwjob, Vince tried to come across as a Benevolent Boss and Reasonable Authority Figure in order to mask his true Bad Boss and Corrupt Corporate Executive telefoni self, mobili and tried to justify his actions.Joker Immunity : Vince falling prey to Raw 's notoriously explosive set.Tribute To The Troops: Win telefoni once mcmahon at WrestleMania xxvi with any Superstar (WWE Universe, select match, not custom).Winner - Kenny Dykstra.(born August 24, 1945 in Pinehurst, North Carolina) is a third generation.On the other hand, samsung he did apologize by yelling fissa "I apologize, YOU SON oitch!" in utter venom, Punk was satisfied, and justifiably so considering it offerte was Vincent Kennedy McMahon, but if it were an older brother apologizing to his sister, one doubts offerte that person's parents.Mathematician's Answer : One of his favorite ways to justify any of his actions is to say, "Because I'm Vince McMahon, damn it!" Mean Boss : Many fans of WCW and ECW see him as this due telefonia to their treatment of the InVasion angle (dedicating." Ring Oldies : "It's not very often that you see a sixty-year-old man with a herculean physique like vince mine!" Terry Funk called him "the most hardcore man in the business" because he's a multi-millionaire who doesn't need to be hit over the head with.Self-Deprecation : We're talking about a promoter who allowed himself to get his head shaved by Donald Trump, samsung take several wrestlers' finishers, get hit with steel chairs, have his face shoved into The Big Show and Rikishi 's backsides, getting literally whipped with a belt.Unlockables, successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus: Arenas, druid Arena: Successfully complete all five rtwms.We have bigger plans. Unified Tag Champs wind (10 offerte telefonia points Win the Unified Tag Team titles in WWE Universe using a created character (Offline).